So I don't think I have quite figured this whole blogging thig out yet. Yesterday I wrote this 7-8 paragraph post, it was insiteful, poignant and meaningful. (three words meaning the same thing)

I needed to go to work that night and just clicked out of my web browser, unknowing that all the content I had created would be deleted. So here's what is like you to do: imagine yourself extremely entertained, satisfied and slightly uneasy about my depth. Try and keep the thought "wow he's deep" going through your mind as long as possible.

Have you done it?

Good. Now I've succeeded in my endeavor in a)posting a blog post and b)putting you in awe of my amazing-ness.

P.s. I am writing and posting this from my phone so please ignore and accept any spelling or formatting mistakes. And if you can't do that, kids my ads. ;-)
5/10/2013 05:31:28 am

When do I stop being awe-struck? When you snap your fingers will I feel refreshed and rejuvenated? Sorry about the deletion - think of it as sand art - really strong and pungent that burns your nose and then is gone - no wait that's farts


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