752 pm central standard time, 1:52 London time.  Though it should feel like eight o clock something about travel is exhausting.  Perhaps its the needing to keep track of where you need to be at all times, worrying that the airline is going to screw you over, trying to make conversation with complete strangers, or maybe its just the effort not to be tired that exhausts us.  

My flight from cedar rapids was simple and easy, what more can you expect from an airport so tiny it only has three gate sections separated by an escalator and two hundred meters.  You could literally hold your breath and run from one end of the airport terminals to the other, I can’t think of a logical reason you would want to but thats something you must decide for yourself.  On the flight to Chicago I met a lovely  complimentary woman (thats compl-I-mentary not compl-E-mentary, she didn’t come with the flight for a nominal fee, instead I mean she was very nice, complimenting me and telling me about her own travels to Europe when she was younger, and her sister’s miserable trip to Russia, I digress.)  
Her name was Caroline, and she was headed to Moline, Alabama for her sister’s funeral.  

When we landed the woman stood from her seat, turned around, confessed she was eaves dropping and punctuated her intrusion with “To be young again.”  This struck me as sad, I look at the people around me and, maybe I have a lot to learn but I still feel like they refuse to LIVE life, instead they accept that that one time they go to Europe as a kid was the last time and they will never go back again.  Something about that saddens me and also motivates me to be different.  

Well its 2:15 a.m. London time and I have to get at least a little sleep before we land, but i leave you with a simple idea put into words.  

I vow to be different, to refuse to turn around in an elevator just because everybody else is facing the wrong way, to answer questions based on what I think is correct and not what I think they would like to hear.  I vow to do what I love, and if I have to work a job that I don’t really fancy to do what I love then so be it, but I will look at each of those jobs as temporary stops on my journey to being happy all the time.  I will demonstrate self control when I need to, but at the same time go with the flow when the situation requires it.  I believe that as soon as you truly know what you want, you can begin to build a path to it, and I vow not to panic at those moments when I have absolutely no clue what it is that I want.  So heres me, building a plan, and Not Panicking.  

Depending on when I get internet to upload this there may be another post later “today” or “tomorrow.”  

Sleep well my friends, 


6/11/2013 10:48:06 pm

The destination could be the journey. Post a lot but not if it causes you to miss anything. Oh and this part is crucial: Dont Blink!

6/12/2013 03:42:04 am

You might just be exhausted for exhaustion's sake - give your body and mind time to adjust - after all you have like 70+ days left :)


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